Control Pooyan
From managers When we look back in time and have a glance at our starting point, remembering the long way we have come to reach our current position, we feel nothing but pride and glory. As we look for future of this construction, our wish to achieve shining goals is our inspiration to keep moving in the same direction. This construction has been put together brick by brick by Expertise, knowledge and of course the dedication of all the staff of CP. These qualities are what moved us from being a small startup company not far ago, to a trustworthy and reliable participant in Iran's technical and engineering services. This is achieved by relying on the expertise and dynamism and motivation and effort of young and elite personnel of Control Pooyan, we consider this knowledge and experience as our greatest achievement during these years. Nowadays in the field of technical and engineering services employers are getting more and more educated in their field which makes them well aware of their choices. We do our best to employ our staff's knowledge and experience, providing our customers with most efficient and economic solutions to fulfill their needs. CP considers every cooperation with any customer as a unique opportunity to gain experience either in the field of project management or technical services. We won't lose this chance to improve ourselves. At CP the main parameter in Performance assessment is customer satisfaction. We believe this is our customers positive experiences that has enabled us to be among the favorite list of our clients in huge and complex engineering projects. With our knowledge and understanding of the capabilities in the country, we are trying to employ Iran's young elite as an endless resource and with providing the right atmosphere for these people to grow to their potential we hope to play a bigger rule in development of our country. Board